Export Quality ¡V Export Service
At World Mark Furniture we understand the needs and expectations of export customers which is why the factory and the company itself have been structured in the way that they have to ensure that we provide the quality, service and pricing that are demanded.

The factory has been established using the latest technology available and is continually updated with the changing needs of our customers. This high degree of capitalisation along with the skilled and highly trained workforce available to us means that we can offer the high quality expected by our customers, consistent quality and we have the manufacturing capability to handle the high volume items that are required in many markets.

Continued Expansion

We have recently expanded our capabilities to include a facility that is dedicated to the manufacture of furniture items using solid wood as the main raw material whereas the existing facility used panel products such as MDF, Plywood and Particleboard as the main raw materials. This factory has been constructed with the same underlying principles of up to the minute technology and above all, quality of production output.

In addition a new painting line has been added which allows us to produce a superior high gloss finish on all materials.

To cater to our continued growth we have also added a new warehouse and logistics control that allows us to hold not only sufficient raw materials for our ever expanding capacity but also allows us to hold major inventory items for some customers where required.

Continued Improvement

At World Mark we believe that we must continue to improve our offering to our customers to stay ahead of our competition. We have a fully equipped and funded research and design department that is continually looking to improve the manufacturing process, quality of the finished product or simply a new idea for a customer.

There are around 1,400 people employed at World Mark with every one of them focused upon quality of the product that we manufacture. ISO 9001 is more than just a certification system , it is a way of running our business and we have since expanded to have been granted ISO 14001 for Environmental Management.

Quality control not only involves the monitoring of our own process but also that of our raw material suppliers since a quality product depends upon quality input. We use materials that are of the highest quality and are sources from suppliers located in Europe and Australasia. Where there are particular customer requirements we source materials that are specific to those needs.

Part of the service to customers also relates to their own marketing requirements and we are happy to adapt branding and packaging to fit in with the needs of our customers¡¦ marketing strategies.

Please feel free to contact us at World Mark Furniture at any time and we shall be happy to discuss your particular needs, provide samples and prototypes for your evaluation or any other information you may require.